Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pay to return the empty pouches?

No! Our return envelopes are already pre-paid, you just need to
drop it into a red pillar box.

What happens after you receive my pouches back?

When we receive your empty pouches back, we will inspect, wash, sanitize and reuse them.

Can I use my own dispenser?

Of course you can! Just make sure they are perfectly clean with
no residue from other products.

How many pouches can i place in one envelope?

We advise customers to wait at least till they have 3/4 pouches
before send them back, to be as efficient as possible.

Should I wash the empty pouches before send them back?

No! We will do it. Just make sure that all caps are tightly closed.

How to correctly place the empty pouches inside the envelope?

Very simple, just make sure that every spout (caps) point in one
of the four angles of the envelope.
1. Spout in the bottom right corner
2. Spout in the bottom left corner
3. Spout in the top left corner
4. Spout in the top right corner

Do I need to queue to the post office?

No! you can simply drop it into one of the over 100’000 red pillar
box around UK.

How do I request more envelopes?

Simply drop us an email at


How much is your delivery charge?

Our standard delivery charge is £4.50 for orders less than
£30. It also includes a pre-paid envelope to return your empty

Do you offer Free Delivery?

Yes we do! Spend £30 or more and the delivery charge will be
on us.

How long do deliveries take?

Our deliveries usually take 2-3 days.

How can I return an item?

We are sorry you want to return an item to us.
In order to be eligible for a refund you have to return your
item within 30 calendar days of your purchase and must be
in the same conditions that you received it.
The first thing to do is to send us an email at and we will discuss with you the
following steps.

How long will my refund take?

It usually takes from 4 to 8 business days.


Are your products Pet friendly?

Most of our products are Pet friendly if used accordingly with
the labels directions!
If you have any doubt please contact us before make the
purchase. No animals have been tested to prove this.

Do you use harsh chemicals in your products?

We do not use harsh chemicals!

Are your products 100% Natural?

Unfortunately no! Most of our ingredients are plant based but
we do use synthetic fragrances as well. Our products are safe
for people and for the planet. (All our products are over 95%

Are you laundry and personal care products safe for children skin?

Yes they are! Our products are safe for the whole family.

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Absolutely! All our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Do you use natural or synthetic fragrances?

We do use a mix of essential oils and synthetic fragrances.

Do your product contain Palm Oil?

No! They do not contain Palm Oil.

Is your packaging Plastic Free?

No! Our pouches use 70% less plastic than the average
supermarket counterpart and they are reusable many times